3rd International Conference of Molecular Imaging

Marzo 2015 – Montevideo, Uruguay

Titulo: 18F and 11C Sulforhodamines as potential agents for astrocytosis diagnosis.
Autores: Ingrid Kreimerman, Pablo Buccino, Williams Porcal, Patricia Oliver, Eduardo Savio, Henry Engler.

Titulo: 68Ga-labelled PSMA: a novel radiopharmaceutical for Prostate Cancer imaging.
Autores: Victoria Trindade; Natalí Bentancor; Henia Balter; Henry Engler.

Titulo: A comparative in vitro study of human glioma cell lines: 11C-Methionine uptake and immunocytochemistry approaches.
Autores: Vasilskis, E.; Olivera, S.; Tania, P.; Oliver, P.; Engler, H.

Titulo: Development and evaluation of potential 11C and 18F radiotracers for molecular imaging of neurodegenerative diseases using Positron Emission Tomography.
Autores: Soledad Fernandez, Javier Giglio, Laura Reyes, Patricia Oliver, Mercedes González, Henry W. Engler, Ana Rey, Hugo Cerecetto.

Titulo: Effect of resveratrol in a transgenic animal model of Alzheimer’s disease.
Autores: Reyes A.L; Paolino A; Oliver P; Engler H.

Titulo: GNMT ligands and sarcosine related metabolites as potential tracers for prostate cancer diagnosis.
Autores: Florencia Zoppolo, Pablo Buccino, Williams Porcal, Patricia Oliver, Eduardo Savio, Henry Engler.

Titulo: Mouse Model of human disease in the Uruguayan Center of Molecular Imaging.
Autores: Hernández Silvia; Baletta Silvana; Pardo Tania; Pérez Ariadna; Oliver Patricia; Engler Henry.

Titulo: PET/CT and SPECT/CT in the characterization of an anti-Tn chimeric antibody.
Autores: Vasilskis, E.; Silva , C.; Giglio, J.; Reyes, L.; Freire, T.; Pritsch, O.; Oppezzo, P.; Oliver, P.; Balter , H. ; Osinaga, E.; Engler , H.

Titulo: Radiopharmaceuticals production for clinical use at CUDIM: five years’ experience.
Autores: Henia Balter , Victoria Trindade, Javier Giglio, Inés Sanz, Pablo Buccino, Omar García, Ingrid Kreimerman, Florencia Zoppolo, Stefania Pollinger, Andrea Boné, Elena Vasilskis, Beatriz Sauco, Carlos Casatti, Eduardo Savio, Henry Engler.

Titulo: Studies of conditions for [11C]D-Deprenyl radiosynthesis using different [11C]methylating agents.
Autores: Zirbesegger Kevin; Buccino Pablo; Porcal Williams; Savio Eduardo; Engler Henry.

Titulo: Xenograph models of glioma and prostate cancer in Nude mice.
Autores: Pardo T, Vasilskis E, Hernández S, Reyes A.L, Paolino A, Oliver P, Engler H.