Octubre 2015 – Viena, Austria

Titulo: 11C-SAM: a new potential agent for prostate cancer diagnosis.
Autores: Zoppolo F; Buccino P; Porcal W; Oliver P; Savio E; Engler H.

Titulo: 18FLT PET/CT for early assessment of chemotherapy response in advanced breast cancer patients.
Autores: Omar Alonso, Andres Damian, Cecilia Espalter, Noelia Silveyra, Lucia Delgado, Henry Engler.

Titulo: 68Ga-DOTATATE PET/CT in insulinoma detection.
Autores: Banchero A, Gaudiano J, Bentancourt C, Lago G, Engler H.

Titulo: FDG PET/CT for the detection of recurrence in asymptomatic breast cancer patients with increased serum CA 15-3 levels.
Autores: Andres Damian, Monica Rodriguez-Taroco, Omar Alonso, Henry Engler.

Titulo: Quality Assurance and Quality Management System in Radiopharmaceuticals Production at the Uruguayan Centre for Molecular Imaging.
Autores: Javier Giglio; Inés Sanz; Henia Balter; Eduardo Savio; Ana Rey; Henry Engler.

Titulo: Radiochemical Characterization of a 68Ga-Labelled PSMA Inhibitor for Prostate Cancer Imaging.
Autores: Victoria Trindade, Natalí Bentancor, Henia Balter, Henry Engler.