SNMMI Annual Meeting

Junio 2015 – Baltimore, Estados Unidos

Titulo: 68Ga-NOTA-UBI 29-41 discriminates between bacterial infection and sterile inflammation.
Autores: M. Vilche, H. Balter , A.L. Reyes, E. Vasilskis, P. Oliver and H. Engler.

Titulo: Development of a 18F labelled acetylcholinesterase tracer for diagnosis of Alzheimers disease.
Autores: Soledad Fernandez, Javier Giglio, Laura Reyes, Patricia Oliver, Mercedes González, Henry W. Engler, Ana Rey, Hugo Cerecetto.

Titulo: Resveratrol as molecular competitor of PIB on the binding sites of the amyloid plaque.
Autores: Patricia Oliver, Tania Pardo, Elena Vasilskis, Henry Engler.